Everything we do is designed to help you and your team achieve your goals and imperatives, not just in your department but across the entire organisation. Closed Loop Program and SME Services are designed for Airline Departments, Airlines and Industry, to facilitate integration of the different perspectives over key programs that are becoming increasingly necessary for your survival.

Our Services

The Closed Loop program and project service portfolio is based on robust methodologies backed by SME capabilities that are second none in the operational sphere of the Aviation Industry.

Our approach is to match your project needs with the right SME, the most appropriate project methodologies and support your teams with a staged program service portfolio that will help your teams guide your projects from inception to completion and beyond.

Our processes will help you explore the issues your airline is trying to solve and provide you the right strategic and business intelligence on which to base decisions about your projects. Developing the change management, gap analysis and benchmarking outcomes you need to provide balanced system considerations will ensure that the technology of choice is made with a business focus that helps pilots, engineering, maintenance, dispatch and other support functions around the airline to operate more efficiently providing your airline with a competitive edge.

The outcome of our processes will help you build business cases that deliver your projects on a cost effective basis, and the guidance to embed the change necessary to realise the benefits promised. Our implementation guidance will mitigate the usual logjams associated with industry projects and finally, it will help you leverage your airline's strengths with the supplier base so that the solution you receive will meet your requirements, rather than a selection of hardware and software that the supplier wants to sell you.

Programs and Projects

Closed Loop retains subject matter expertise in a range of programs with which the Aviation Industry is currently dealing with including those based on operational efficiency, customer differentiation and competitive initiatives, others based on mandated compliance requirements and some driven by survival instincts. Check out our project portfolio by clicking the link that is of interest to you.

EFB |eEnablement | FlightWatch | Flight Tracking|Operational Benchmarking |

LOSA & IOSA | Space Weather & Radiation

Program Delivery Services

Knowing what your project entails is only one part of a successful outcome.

The following components form the backbone of the Closed Loop Packaged Program Services. These services are designed to get your programs and cross departmental stakeholders not only on the same page - but pulling in the same direction - as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

They are aligned with project stages and are designed to integrate a project's activities so that progression is logical, planned and efficient.

Importantly, they are designed to focus on the business needs driving your projects, not the project in-and-of-itself, or notional technology decisions ahead of proper requirements definition. Our program services will lead to logical, financially sound and sustainable outcomes.

Make no mistake, as successful as these program services have been shown to be, the journey will be very different from what you might be used to, delivering your projects sooner and with better financial outcomes than you might think possible.

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