How good are the assumptions behind the project and the business case. We can help you find out!


It's one thing to develop a system wide set of requirements that will meet a project's needs and prove its value and viability throughout the entire organisation as is established by the ICW™ and CLIC™ processes. However, it is also critically necessary to ensure that assumptions and supplier assertions about technology and pricing as well as the deliverability and fit of offered solutions is sound.

The Closed Loop Validation and Supply Process is designed to solidify assumptions made in the previous steps including required operational outcomes and business case design and to provide surety that the supplier side of the industry can deliver solutions that will meet airline requirements. The Validation and Supply process has several steps.


Closed Loop will assist your airline to develop a clear and concise business-operational and requirements-driven RFP to be provided to your suppliers. The RFP will be designed in a manner that is not only structured in the language of the suppliers who are selected to receive it, but also to set the level of airline expectation regarding response quality and completeness.

In parallel to the above, Closed Loop will assist airline teams in the development of structured, mapped and weighted evaluation criteria against each line item on the RFP on which to base assessment of each supplier response. This aspect of the supply activities will be vital in demonstrating assurance that the assessment of responses has been completed in the most objective and transparent manner possible.

The result of these twin activities assures the airline that, apart from pre-determined sole-source or culturally preferential leanings, the most compliant and appropriate solution for the project within the boundaries of financial objectives for the program has been determined.

Supplier Appointment and Management

On the basis of the information provided in the RFP step above, it is probable that more than one supplier may submit compliant and highly ranked responses. However, identification of the suppliers which have not only presented a compliant solution but which can deliver on the promise of their solution while meeting financial objectives of the business case and desired project outcomes is a higher level activity. Delving into compliant responses and discovering the smoke and mirror solutions and mitigating lifecycle issues where solutions are delivered by multiple suppliers risking ongoing system integration and operation is a task that requires specialist knowledge and negotiation capability.

Closed Loop has assisted airlines to demand more from the supplier community. Rather than accepting responses that meet a supplier product strategy, demand a solution that meets your business and financial imperatives.

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