Closed Loop Consulting was established in 2009. However, our experience has been developed over many years. We were borne from the observance of too many good projects missing a vital element that eventually led to less that optimal outcomes and affected confidence and supplier relationships for years after.

We are a team of experienced, talented aviation professionals with skills across business, management, operations management and program and project management with, as described by others, unique capabilities within the Aerospace Industry.

Our Portfolio encompasses most operational programs including EFB and e-Enablement readiness, strategic planning, support systems and data integration - the heart of eEnablement programs; FRMS, LOSA, IOSA and new compliance driven initiatives including Flight Tracking (GADDS) and Flight Watch, the hidden backbone of GADDS program success.

Simply, we are able to assist you in the discovery of a holistic solution to many of the issues you are trying to address; not one focused on single departmental issues or technology first, business second outcomes.

The Team

We are fortunate to be able to support your organisation with the experience, skill, talent and, importantly, commitment of globally-known aviation professionals including Captain Michael A. Bryan, Philip J. Benedict, Marcus Carr and other well-known specialists in the Aviation Industry.

Captain Michael A. Bryan



A full and diverse Aviation Career spanning over 40 years. Recently retired from an A380 Command with a major carrier, Michael has been fortunate to gain a broad base of experience in the Airline, Corporate and General Aviation operations including training, development and management positions.

Michael's management experience within the Aviation Sector have included Strategic Planning and development and Project Management across all industry segments. Externally, Michael has been involved at one time or another with Technology Consulting and Project Management Services to the Aviation, Oil Exploration and the Marine Service sectors. Michael has completed a Masters (Aviation Management), and is actively utilising the formalisation this provides as a springboard to broader Aviation, Management and Consulting roles and driving the development of Closed Loop Consulting into a global brand.

During the last 20 years Michael has been appointed to various training, management and operational and technology development roles within major airline operations, much of which has been involved in strategic technology development within the global airline industry. These have included the Electronic Library Systems (now Electronic Flight Bag, EFB) effort, the ATA/AIA SGML/XML effort, sponsored by ICAO to streamline information and data interchange between manufacturer and airline and, the ATN (PETAL II) and initial ATN-FANS harmonisation efforts as well as being involved with Electronic Flight Bag developments for Boeing and Airbus fleets.

Michael’s Specialties: Significant experience on B747-2/3 B767 B747-400 and now, the A380, 15 years developing Aviation information management standards, systems and applications. Michael is a Past Chair of the ATA/AIA FOWG and has formal Strategic Planning, Project Management and SGML/XML qualifications. He has been involved in EFB specification development for over 30 years. Outside the Aviation sector, Michael has enjoyed challenges and opportunities assisting the development of Drilling systems and Marine Industry operations and communication systems, technology development and control systems. Michael is an accredited PRINCE2® Practitioner.

Marcus Carr

Principal, Data Design & Integration

Director of Projects

In his twenty years at Allette Systems, Marcus Carr delivered projects dealing with complex data sets covering civilian and military aviation, legislation, mortgage lending, telecommunications, drug and medical data, case law, technology and almost everything in between. Clients include Qantas, the Department of Defence, KBR, Telstra, the Department of Health and Ageing, The Australian Tax Office, LIXI, Butterworth’s, CCH, AusDI and dozens of others.

Particularly relevant to his association with Closed Loop is his experience with the design and implementation of a data repository encompassing over 40,000 pages of Seahawk helicopter information for the Australian Navy. This involved converting hundreds of manuals from hard copy to SGML for electronic updating and access.

Knowledge of data systems has been fundamental to Marcus’ success in project management. He has been the longtime editor of a set of standards produced by LIXI and adopted by the whole of the lending industry in Australia. He has also spoken at numerous conferences, particularly dealing with the delivery of critical data sets in time-critical projects.

Marcus holds the position of Director of Projects within the Closed Loop Group. He is a PRINCE2® Practitioner and a firm believer that project management is a human task, not a software function.

Philip J. Benedict

Principal, Customer Strategy


Mr. Benedict has over thirty years’ experience in the aviation and airline industry including positions at Jeppesen, Spirent Systems, Teledyne Controls and Cobham.

While at Jeppesen Phil managed the development of the Jeppesen Master Navigation Data Base project and helped to implement the automation of their chart production process. Phil managed the development of the B737 FMS update process in the early 1990’s. After directing several key R&D projects at Jeppesen, including EFB data services, Phil moved into the Marketing Department and helped to introduce several new products based on market needs.

In 1995, Phil and his family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to join the Aviation Information Systems Business Unit of Computing Devices International. In 1997, Phil was promoted to Director and General Manager of AIS, which was later purchased by Penny & Giles Aerospace in 1998. Phil and his team successfully deployed information management solutions to airlines around the world who were early adopters of eEnablement technologies.

Having relocated to Wichita, Kansas in early 2000’, Phil became President of Spirent Systems Inc. and was responsible for operations in multiple locations.  He led the Electronic Flight Bag initiatives at Spirent which was later purchased by Teledyne.  There Phil became the company’s VP of Business and Strategic Development. He developed the company’s Strategic Planning process, and directed their M&A activities as well.  Phil performed a similar function at Cobham Commercial Systems for many of their Avionics and Aerospace business units and assisted them to develop clear and achievable strategic plans.

Phil has been recognized for his contributions to several industry activities, including the development of the DO-200 specification for FMS updates, he was Co-Chair of the ARINC ELS Task Force, he served on the ATA Chart and Data Display Committee, and he has delivered several informational presentations on digital documentation and information management for the paperless aircraft. Phil has a degree in Business Administration and Computer Science and is a private pilot.

Specialties - Helping organizations go from “Good to Great” through facilitation of the Strategic Planning process, extracting valuable corporate knowledge in developing those strategies, and developing the right people for the right responsibilities and goals.

Dr. Ian Getley PhD

SME Space Weather & Scientific Research


Dr. Ian Getley has a broad aviation career spanning both military and commercial air transport operations as a pilot over a 45-year period. Ian is currently employed as an A380 captain and has a 12-year research scientific background publishing more than 7 internationally accredited scientific papers on aviation radiation scientific research. He is considered by world scientific researchers to be one of the leading aviation radiation researchers, providing some of the most up to date scientific data research relating to commercial aircraft operations.

Ian has regularly presented his findings at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientific forum held in Boulder annually and other high profile world scientific forums such as COSPAR and AOGS.

He has been instrumental in providing radiation monitoring measurements to validate some leading scientific software monitoring programs and recently introduced a radiation monitoring program to over 10,000 aircrew in a major international airline.

Ian has also been instrumental in design, development and construction of a viable radiation monitor for commercial aircraft use.

His expertise is recognised by the International Federation of Airline Pilots both as an aircrew radiation scientific specialist and also as a fully accredited aircraft safety accident investigator and safety management specialist.

Aviation experience encompasses military flying instructor qualifications and technical management and maintenance test flying duties in commercial aviation, with academic accreditations of BSc(phys), MScTech (aviation) and PhD at UNSW.

Richard Cantor

SME Dispatch, Flight Watch, Flight Tracking

Richard had been employed by a major international airline for 38 years, 37 of which have been involved in Flight Dispatch including 28 as a Dispatch Department Manager.

As such he has overseen the Flight Dispatch functions on a daily basis including the considerations required in order to serve not only the airline but also customer airlines contracted to receive operational handling. He has an in-depth understanding of fuel conservation approaches, fuel policy design, the value of Dispatch within Integrated Operational Centres and the value – and importance – of a face to face pilot/Dispatch interface to achieve optimum operational outcomes. This has included establishing and maintaining close working relationships with ATC and other authorities that interact operationally with the Dispatch function of major airlines.

Richard has represented the airline at ICAO workshops exploring Dispatch, volcanic reporting and avoidance procedures as well as the Vulcan-Aus workshops concentrating on Asia-Pacific volcanic reporting and avoidance. He has had a paper published in the ICAO journal outlining his input.

Richard has been involved in the establishment, training and implementation of dedicated Flight Watch systems and procedures as well as the development and integration of dedicated meteorological unit capabilities to add value and efficiencies within the Flight Dispatch function.

Richard has a Bachelor in Aviation Studies and is accredited with the FAA Dispatcher licence. He has held a private pilot licence with instrument rating and believes to achieve the best outcomes within the Dispatch environment it is important to have the ability to move between the planning, proactive and reactive phases of Dispatch seamlessly.


Closed Loop capabilities and our customer project and program outcomes are enhanced though the additional capabilities provided by one or more of our strategic partners, each of which have a unique capability providing depth of outcomes to your projects. Because of our philosophical and operational tenets, our strategic partners are considered with care.

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