A facilitative approach first and foremost.

Closed Loop’s inception came as a result of seeing many necessary, innovative and financially beneficial programs becoming weighed down with difficulties or, simply failing. Issues that interfered with great ideals are very similar and cause progression to become difficult causing completion either to be put on hold, or terminated altogether. In all cases, additional expense, often the loss of considerable sunk costs resulted in suspension of other valuable projects while organisations reassessed their ability to change and broken relationships healed. In extreme cases, companies stagnated for years over a project failure that could have been avoided – simply. Closed Loop's consulting programs are designed to ensure your programs and projects thrive and organisational learning is a key by-product of our involvement in your programs.

The similarities between difficult programs, across organisations and across the industry are profound.

Closed Loop's mission is simple: Return energy to the Aviation Industry by developing methodologies, templates and project structures to unlock these difficulties and better yet, helping to ensure they don’t eventuate in the first place!

Engage with us through one of the many forums we attend, or through a direct approach to one of our SME team. Or simply contact us through this link.

Initial conversations with customers are intended to provide us scope to develop the initial tailored workshop the Closed Loop ICW to address customer issues. Tailored workshops range from advice about building an idea into a successful project that delivers compelling financial benefits and utility to the company or, addressing corporate desires to build better project successes and align and leverage the broader airline program portfolio. Some are tailored to developing tactics to get errant projects back on the rails.

Our key to success is that we listen to you.  We do not approach your projects by trying to sell you a piece of hardware or software or tell you it will do what you need. First we understand your company or departmental program and also to ensure you understand them as well. Critically, this subtle nuance is one of the key reasons for project or program difficulty.

At the end of the workshops, everyone will have a clear impression of what is intended, what needs to be done, why and by whom.

Closed Loop project workshops are key to aligning the entire organisation with the vision, ideals and concepts for your projects no matter what the project or solution you are seeking. The value of the CL ICW cannot be overstated in the delivery of successful outcomes.

Closed Loop does not work alone, delivering what we think you need; we work with you first and throughout your program to deliver the solution to your problem or issue in a form factor that is appropriate. We do hold strong, philosophical beliefs, that the core of many of these problematic programs stem from the isolated nature in which they are considered, or where great programs become confused in their execution.

Our philosophy encourages organisations to look at programs holistically – across the whole organisation, carefully considering all aspects of the program and it’s cause and effect. We believe in organisational innovation and that considering your needs holistically, rather than in functionally isolated or narrowly focused ways, provides your programs with far greater potential for success. We all know your company operates aircraft, but we are also acutely aware, as are you, that most of your functional divisions see that aircraft and what it does in it’s relationship with them differently. More importantly we are also aware that no single functional person is likely to enjoy end-to-end visibility to all the process knowledge or understanding in relation to the way different people view, or deal with the aircraft’s role in the business.

We can help you and your organisation close this gap in organisational understanding.

Our capabilities, knowledge of the industry and consulting skills are able to provide guidance, mentoring and empowerment to your project teams or, if you like and if it is appropriate, a turnkey approach to your programs from concept development through to post implementation, including a unique change management philosophy that underpins everything we do.

Closed Loop believes that redressing the recurring symptoms of these difficult or failed, yet vital programs, will lead to a resurgent and vibrant industry that will look with more confidence to innovation and transformational programs to drive success and efficiency forward.

Across it all, Closed Loop provides a distinctive and paradigm shift in program development, integration and implementation methods, including contract management and logistics.

Our skills can assist you across the breadth and depth of your organisation.

Being non-aligned with particular suppliers or manufacturers means we are uniquely placed to listen carefully to your organisation’s needs and issues first, instead of pushing, subtly or otherwise, toward an outcome that may drive a project or program toward an unacceptable, unviable or less than ideal outcome. Being non-aligned means we can openly provide unbiased, independent and transparent guidance to your organisation and ensure the right match between the needs and the solution.

Some of the techniques we use such as process analysis, leaning etc., may not be unique in all respects – but our attitude certainly will be. When you engage Closed Loop, you engage with one, or all of our Principal Consultants depending on the scope of your needs.

Closed Loop will listen to you first and foremost!

After all, it’s your business. Engage us to help you solve issues within your program or business. Unless we identify, together, what those issues are, we might not be solving the right problem, or worse, inventing another. Akin to corporate CRM we can help you to identify and consider issues and options to find that elusive, enlightened solution.

Closed Loop
Considered Thinking; Enlightened Solutions.