How’s the pulse and temperature of your operation?
How does it compare with others. Who is doing it better and how?
Does it really matter?

It is indisputable that benchmarking can provide great insight to the operation and beneficial outcomes if ensuing change is built on appropriate foundations. If the right things are being looked at and the right questions are being asked.

Importantly, knowing in advance what needs to be examined and what one is looking to achieve is key. It is also important to be acutely aware that, in aviation particularly, different is not necessarily bad — or good. A lot will depend on the specific aspects of your operation, the organisational strategy and how it is to be implemented.

Often too, observation from a distance - the independent perspective - can provide greater objectivity and transparency, delivering more thorough and complete outcomes.

Closed Loop's benchmarking workshops and projects are supported by SMEs with over a century of collective industry management and operational experience. Why not get in touch for an obligation free discussion about your system benchmarking needs? We can save you significantly against the cost of running such activities internally, while at the same time ensuring the involvement and development of your teams to the maximum.

To take the pulse of your operation, to see how you compare — and to help your airline understand its readiness for the changes that are coming, get in touch with us FIRST.

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