Connected Aircraft/Disconnected Airlines: The Future of eEnablement

A White Paper by Closed Loop and Avascent

The aviation world is abuzz with new in-flight connectivity concepts promising dramatic benefits to airlines. Yet if the industry continues to focus on the flashy technologies while ignoring holistic business strategies, both airlines and suppliers will miss their chance to differentiate as agile, efficient players and may even risk their own financial future. Read more of this ground breaking article on this next step in the evolution of the aviation industry.

The Darwinian Airline

The Darwinian Airline

Many of the most complex systems developed by humans follow strong precedents set by nature. Solar power is our version of photosynthesis, GPS is our clumsy replacement for functionality inherent to the brain of every salmon and indeed, the genesis of air travel is readily traceable to birds. Unquestionably upscaled, but at the expense of the grace and efficiency shown by the most common brown duck.

A Free EFB For Every Pilot*

If you’re considering any type of operational program, you should explore whether you can fund it by taking some of the eEnablement benefits available. eEnablement has gained massive momentum over the past two years and within a decade it will be ubiquitous throughout the industry. If your program doesn’t take it up, another will and there’s only one big winner per airline. It’s a race.

Phil Benedict to deliver Opening Keynote at the 8th Annual Flight Operations Conference

Phil Benedict, Closed Loop's Principal Customer Strategy Development, will deliver the opening Keynote address at the upcoming Flight Operations Conference being held in Frankfurt this coming December 2 and 3.

Phil will be discussing the latest regulatory developments in the context of the current evolution of EFB into a vital component of broader, pan-organisational efficiency programs. Programs which have the potential to deliver airlines significant financial and operational flexibilities into the future - if they are done right.

The new EFB SARP form ICAO has now been incorporated in ANNEX 6 and the ICAO EFB Manual is due for publication early next year. What does this all mean? How does it affect your EFB programs whether active or in the planning stages? You will be surprised.

Make sure you let us know early if you would like to schedule some bilateral asides at the conference. We have time available but it is filling up. Email Phil (here) to schedule a hook up now. There is a lot going on, don't miss the opportunity to spend some time with one of the world’s preeminent experts on EFB.

This conference is the 8th in the Flight Operations series and is organised, run and sponsored by Aircraft Commerce Magazine (see here). Aircraft Commerce is well known for the quality, breadth and depth of their conference programs as well as the relevance of the subject matter covered by the speakers at these conferences. The conference website can be accessed here.

Closed Loop Consulting is a regular contributor to the Aircraft Commerce conference program and the magazines.


EFB as a BPI Tool, not just a device? Radical!

Having been around the EFB world for over 25 years now, I have unfortunately seen too many failed EFB projects, either because of poor planning, lack of leadership, or a lack of an overarching organisational vision. Many airlines now have projects called “The iPad Project”. Once again, many of these will likely fail because the device is, or has become the focal point of the project. The iPad, or other devices like it, may very well be a great display head for the functions flight crews may need. However, Business Process Improvements should be the focus of an EFB or eEnablement project (or any project for that matter) and the airlines that understand this will reap the greatest benefits.