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Dynamic Tensions?

Many consultancies claim that their strength is in specialisation, but what initially may appear as success often results in substandard outcomes when viewed from a wider perspective. This is rarely more apparent than when the disciplines of Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Project Management and Process Management are approached individually.

Flight Dispatch and CRM

An efficient and effective Dispatch function provides operational support and the ability to positively impact the “bottom line” by being proactive in the use of available systems on the back of carefully considered and implemented procedures. These concepts can be adapted for use in any airline’s Flight Dispatch area. But don’t forget, while systems and procedures are key to the bottom-line outcomes, it is equally important to develop the ancillary skills necessary in people to provide a complete service that distinguishes a truly effective and professional organisation. That is, recognising the importance of building the critical working relationships between Dispatch and the flight crew and Dispatch and ATC, Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres (VAACs) and the numerous other agencies that impact the airline’s operations on a daily basis. The ability of Dispatch staff to think laterally and to close the loop on the operational data and information cycle truly brings the Dispatch function into  CRM resources.