Closed Loop introduces the worlds pre-eminent specialist on space weather and radiation. The latest globally renowned aviation specialist to join our SME team. Dr. Ian Getley, PhD will be a valuable addition to the team as more emphasis is placed on radiation effects in aviation by ICAO and others. This is especially relevant, not only for operators with operations via the poles but also those with extended, high altitude operations in higher latitudes. Have a look at Ian's credentials and let us know if you would like to arrange a discussion and workshop with Ian specific to your operations. Most of the team is in the process of returning to their respective corners of the world after the EFB Expo and User Forum in Hong Kong this week. This weeks conference again proved that our earlier newsletters regarding the continuing redefinition of EFB runs unabated. This week, "eEnablement" was mentioned in the same context as EFB on many occasions. Also, as usual, the iPad was everywhere. However, a view of the senior conference team, shared by a majority of participants is a show of hands, was that the march of the iPad as an EFB was plateauing, with other tablet devices taking up the gap and being well supported by suppliers. And, there was a growing realisation that no matter how simple the device, how easy to run to the local store and how inexpensive to buy one, the considerations necessary to turn it into an EFB successfully were important and just as important as any other EFB system. We will be releasing our next newsletter in the next week or so. Look out for it.