Closed Loop is pleased to announce the recent completion of our initial engagement with Icelandair. We were engaged by Icelandair after the Darmstadt conference last year to deliver several company-wide workshops on best practice for EFB projects and to assist them with the conceptual and business case frameworks to support their considerations. Complimenting the Icelandair EFB team, the result was an outstanding success for the airline. To read our release about the work we did with Icelandair, visit this link. This engagement followed a specifically tailored methodology developed by Closed Loop and was extremely successful as demonstrated in the web news item.

To learn more about what a similar process can do for your company and your airline’s project portfolio, arrange a visit from Darren or a more detailed and individually tailored workshop for your company, let us know by clicking here.

We can’t finish off this newsletter without noting some of the material that has been circulated recently, such as claims by some that the FAA is now certifying particular software, or another article criticising the industry practise of including the RFP process in their project doctrine. We have considered these and other articles in depth and have decided that they serve to obfuscate and confuse aspects of EFB and as such, have resolved to discuss some of them in detail. Watch for our responses in the downloads section of our website.

I think that is about enough for this newsletter. We do look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Stockholm conference. Tell us in advance of your attendance and we will be sure to arrange some time for a get-together.