Closed Loop Consulting Principal appointed Chairman of Aircraft Commerce eEnablement conference. Captain Michael Bryan, Principal and CEO of Closed Loop Consulting was proud to be appointed Chairman and Convenor of the inaugural e-enablement conference. Michaels's opening and closing speeches are available on the respective links. Hosted in London on the 1st and 2nd of October 2013, and attended by key industry representatives, the conference framed the definition and possibilities driven by e-enablement. There was a crystallising moment at the conference where it was recognised by delegates that when strategically conceived and well-implemented, 'e-Enablement' delivers considerably enhanced opportunities to the basic flight deck, pilot centric, capabilities of EFB alone. These capabilities can be leveraged vertically through airlines as well as horizontally across subsidiaries and alliances. Well-implemented, such programmes deliver considerable strategic, operational, financial and shared intelligence advantages to an airline. This conference split with tradition and ratified a communique discussing the conference outcome and industry needs in moving forward. You can see the communique here. Definition of e-enablement:

An ecosystem of process, procedure and supporting technology that builds a new nexus between the outside world, the company and the aircraft. Simply, eEnablement provides means to lift the capabilities of our aircraft, our operation, our people and our business through a communications based infrastructure scheme, which can be applied to break the last barrier to connecting airplanes in flight to the rest of the organisation and the rest of the world and provide the ability to seamlessly move information throughout the organisation and beyond.

As the world's leading experts in airline transformation programs, Closed Loop Consulting guides airline's in the discovery, development and implementation of these capabilities and is becoming globally renowned for their ability in this regard.  Our profound insights into creating an e-enablement vision and frameworks and discovery of business case benefits that deliver considerable returns on investment ensures our client airlines extract considerable value through their engagement of Closed Loop Consulting.