As many of you are already aware, Closed Loop has a presence in several areas around the globe. Our Director of Business Development and SME for Supply and Contracting, Darren Brodie is based in Thailand. He is about to embark on a sweep through Thailand and its near neighbours over the coming weeks and will be extending the trip further into Asia, India, China and Africa in the near term. Darren will be talking to airlines about the various ways that Closed Loop Consulting is able to assist with supporting  airlines to ease their project journeys. Darren’s visit will be very worthwhile and provide insight into what you can expect from Closed Loop as a guiding hand with you during your projects.

Darren’s initial visit with your airline is the beginning of a process – a journey if you like, with Closed Loop that has been demonstrated to generate more project successes and higher resulting benefits. If you would like to get in early in Darren’s schedule, click here and we will be back to you promptly to schedule a visit with you.