Project Management is a human task, not a software function.
— Marcus Carr, Director of Projects, Closed Loop Consulting

Implementation. Where the the organisation begins it transition on the basis of the guidance delivered by our upstream processes. The strategy, analysis, planning and budgeting encapsulated in the ConOPS will ensure your project finds few implementation challenges but nevertheless is able to meet  any head on.

Joining world class project management methodologies tailored to the industry and the project with our world renowned SME team is what enables Closed Loop to help your team deliver successful outcomes on time, on budget and on spec. All the time, every time.

All the time ensuring that the business case can be maintained throughout  - and beyond.

Closed Loop employs the best known and robust project methodologies available. All have been tailored to aviation programs. Closed Loop tailored project management ensures that your organisation has planned for every aspect of your project including the technical acquisition and integration, organisational readiness focussing on change management and training and finally, facilitating regulatory approvals where necessary based on the program type.

Closed Loop discusses the project and program management methodologies, organisation and management requirements appropriate to the project during the ICW™ as this will usually vary considerably due to program or project nuances. One size does not fit all here which is why a part of our upstream processes are to ensure appropriately tailored and "right sized" project management is employed.

All our project management approaches follow several tenets based on PRINCE2 methodologies. This helps us to help you to ensure your projects are framed from the outset to ensure they are appropriate to the task, that the outcome remains the focus and that top-heavy project organisations and endless committees do not sap away benefits, momentum or direction.

Right size your project management overhead.

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