A robust Flight Watch capability will save your airline significantly in a crisis but more importantly, it will help you avoid most.

Flight Watch is the backbone of your day-of-ops. The responsibilities placed on this sub-set of your dispatch team cannot be overstressed. Neither will the benefits that a well implemented Flight Watch capability can deliver. Fuel reserve savings, mitigation of diversion headaches and underscoring service recovery.

From Out to In and everywhere in between, your Flight Watch capability is the backstop (quarterback) of operational capability. While other areas may be involved before and after events, Flight Watch can mitigate many issues while the aircraft is "on its way."

Well implemented, Flight Watch is the situationally wider eyes and ears of the flight operation; from push-back until "chocks" on arrival. Providing long-range situational assessment for your airborne aircraft and crews, information can be passed to and from pilots, cabin crew, the NOC Centre and other touch points, including broader industry datasets such as SWIM, before things become an issue. Significant efficiencies flow from the ability to manage reserve fuel provisioning with its concurrent savings as well as the benefits, which can be significant as the Flight Watch function becomes the strategic input to the tactical execution of the flight by your pilots and cabin crew.

Consider early advice of flow restrictions, weather events and what the cost might be due to unplanned events in which the flight is "caught out" by events that are unforeseeable in the flight decks of your aircraft. Flight watch is the risk mitigator all of this.

Crucially, Flight Watch is also the backbone of the rapidly approaching GADSS and NATII requirements. Every commentator on the subject has noted the Flight Tracking initiatives, which are being imposed ICAO SARP this November (but watch the date) will rely on mature, well-implemented Flight Watch capabilities, among other things, to deliver the required outcomes.

Some of the world's most well-known airlines are only now beginning to consider this new functional requirement of the dispatch centre.

How are you going with the planning, training, provisioning and implementation of this critical capability?

Closed Loop has developed a detailed workshop (the Flight Watch ICW™) to uncover the right approach to Flight Watch for your airline. The workshop will demystify the concepts, discuss the operational capability enhancements, training, infrastructure and technology needs as well as providing a framework for implementation and outlining the value proposition that should flow from your Flight Watch function.

A robust Flight Watch capability will save your airline significantly in a crisis
but more importantly, it will help you avoid most

Scroll down and let us know if you would like us to contact you for an assessment and quotation for the Closed Loop Flight Watch ICW™.


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