Make no mistake. Success in this compliance driven initiative will require more than technology and big screens on the walls in the Ops Centre.

"Flight Tracking" is attracting a lot of attention in the aviation world today. It is a visible requirement that has the attention of ICAO, IATA, most of the supplier world and all of the travelling public.

Has your airline developed a strategic approach to it?

There is already a number of great technical solutions, which can be applied to deliver information about your fleet's positions and dispositions to your Dispatch and Ops Centres. However having a wall full of airplanes will not in itself satisfy the ICAO SARP enacting flight tracking requirements. GADSS (the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System) requires a different approach by airlines to implement it successfully and in compliance with the intention of the SARP.

Crucially, technology on its own,
will not provide the necessary outcomes, or compliance with the the requirements of the SARP

A robust and mature Flight Watch capability in an operating partnership with ATM systems and procedures will be critical to every aspect of GADSS success.

Successfully implementing the requirements of this new approach to regulation will require a multi-layered strategy at the airline.

GADSS is a multi layered program in which flight tracking is an integral and initial component. The NATII (Normal Aircraft Tracking Implementation Initiative) is the initial layer and where industry strategy is becoming the "rubber on the road" in relation to implementation of the flight tracking component of GADSS.

Can you answer these questions?

  • Will your airline be required to comply?
  • If so, when and how?
  • What is meant by "4D/15 Service?
  •  What is meant by 4D/15 Tracking?
  • Who's responsible?
  • What is Performance Based Regulation?
  • What's next?

Closed Loop has developed a compelling workshop for airlines considering their options regarding Flight Tracking, initial NATII and later GADSS initiatives including the concept of Performance Based Regulations. It is addressed to airlines desiring to develop Flight Tracking Strategies, frame the necessary programs and inject momentum toward it.

Investing in the Closed Loop Flight Tracking ICW™ at the outset will ensure your investment in the right solution will adhere to the SARP and initial as well as future GADSS requirements.

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