eEnablement is the most important consideration for airlines in a generation. And it will be for a generation to come.

eEnablement of your airline is not about connectivity. Connectivity is a technology issue that continues to divert focus about the possibilities delivered by a holistic organisational strategy for your airlines information needs and how these can be integrated with internal processes and growing industry data libraries to enable situationally relevant, more timely decisions and better integration of your operation with the broader industry to ensure continued operational efficiency and improved capability.

The stakes are high.

These considerations will be critical to survival and success as emerging scarcity issues envelop the Aviation Industry. Strategies are needed now. What does your eEnablement portfolio look like? It is time to have that plan and be acting on it. Closed Loop is well placed to help you discover the strategy, the program frameworks and the implementation and change management planning requirements that will make it a success for you and ensure the financial and operational benefits flow to your bottom line.

The value proposition for eEnablement is broad. Crucially, it does not solely rely on new types generating terabytes of data every flight requiring banks of data scientists to poor over it for clues to enhance your operation. To be sure, AHM and EHM data provides clues ahead of major out of service events and other data about the history of your operation form which trends can be developed, analysed and possibly adjusted. But all of us know what we need to enhance the operation - timely information, integrated with operational touch points and the systems supporting people is necessary to keep the operation moving smoothly. Studies have shown that the further the reach from the airplane, the better the operational and financial result. This demonstrates that the whole airline is centric to the success of eEnablement,not simply a data centric airplane.