The project is not complete, until it is complete

This is where the rubber meets the road.  Has all of the planning, requirements development that included all the necessary disciplines of the organization, the solution itself and the integration and implementation process provided the results expected by the business case, and executive management? If it doesn’t perform to those standards, then will there even be a “next project”?

Auditing the results of these project implementations is critical for the management team to understand how the business case is being realized, what changes were found necessary to realize those goals, and how this project is effecting the overall operations of the airline so that confidence in the team and the technology to established for the next project.  Ensuring your investments are providing the promise they sought to deliver, is the key for long term success.  Closed Loop Consulting, whether involved from the beginning or engaged to provide an audit of a project already being developed or delivered, can help executives of the airline establish where the successes of the project emanated from, and where the problems existed that prevented the project from delivering the imperative financial outcomes. We understand how airlines operate, and we know how to help.