Our philosophy is simple: to add value to your programs through the expertise of our Subject Matter Expert team by assisting, mentoring and facilitating your organisation through the issues that cause operational stagnation and projects to overrun budgets and timeframes, undershoot expectations, or simply fail.

We can ensure your success, the success of your project portfolios and build organisational confidence in change and innovation based on continuing project success.

Our value proposition is simple; we will help you deliver considerable additional value and higher savings to your project or program by helping you to develop a clear mental model, concept and systemic approach that considers the project strategically and in the context of the wider organisation and through the avoidance of the significant costs caused by distressed, failing or poorly executed programs. We do this by ensuring at the outset that they are properly framed, well governed and remain fit for purpose throughout and then, that they continue to run smoothly and deliver on expectations, time and budget throughout the lifecycle.

Although a relatively young organisation, Closed Loop’s founding Principals pass on more than 125 years collective experience across a diverse range of aviation, project management and information technology disciplines. Closed Loop believes that transformational programs can deliver success, efficiency and great agility in an, at times, uncertain industry. Our principals form an effective, cohesive and agile team, which are focused on your airline, your project and your team throughout our engagements with you.

Closed Loop’s principals are all recognised throughout many areas of the aviation industry globally. Closed Loop’s skills have been built in fields of aviation ranging from commanding the world’s latest and most advanced jet transport fleets, flight operations management, aviation systems and standards development such as the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), industry documentation and digital data standards and other regulatory compliance and safety doctrines. Our experience includes supply, procurement and supplier performance management and reaches into M&A fields.

Our ongoing involvement in industry standards development includes high-level participation in the development of documentation standards such as SGML, XML, S1000D and their associated technologies. Closed Loop maintains an ongoing presence within many industry conference and standards bodies including active participation in ARINC, IATA and ICAO committees and Task Force activities. The benefit of this investment on behalf of our customers is explained in Our Approach.

Significantly Closed Loop Consulting has been honoured recently by its appointment as the Chair of the inaugural e-enabled Aircraft conference.

Through our diverse team we have participated in the specification, requirements definition and development of, flight information systems, such as dispatch and operations control systems, avionics design and development, EFB concepts, specification and design activities and critically, the management and implementation of change; a vital component of any successful project.

Importantly, everything we do is framed within an overarching strategic plan for your projects. Then, with your teams, we help you to ensure the execution and implementation of your programs remains true to the driving business and strategic imperatives that defined the need for the project in the first place

We are not aligned with any supplier organisation, which means we can provide unbiased, independent and transparent guidance to your organisation to ensure the right match between the needs and the solution.

For all your operational and engineering program needs, Closed Loop provides a distinctive and paradigm shift in program development, integration and implementation methods.

Make a call to us your first program activity.

We can then arrange a no obligation management briefing and team workshop. Investment of a few hours in this activity will save significant budget dollars and time as well as improving delivery quality as your project rolls out.

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