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It's a truism of the industry that it is continually evolving, but the pace of change is now more demanding than ever. Emerging issues affecting airline survival require attention, consideration, frameworks and, successful and timely delivery. Closed Loop is a global aviation group focused on mentoring and facilitating airlines and their people to deliver business-driven and financially sustainable programs successfully - from the outset - every time.

Whether your change is departmentally focussed or a longer horizon imperative, Closed Loop specialists can support your teams at all levels of the organisation.

Our mission is simple:

Closed Loop helps airlines and industry bodies to critically assess and successfully implement operational programs.

Closed Loop Consulting helps airlines to develop strategies, systems-based frameworks and implementation capability over a range of internal and emerging industry-level programs. Our approach ensures maximum sustainable financial outcomes balanced against overaching strategy for every objective, delivering benefits on budget and schedule.

Data-driven transformation has become the new norm for the airline industry.

Since early 2013, there have been many labels applied to it. However, the momentum necessary to drive the required change is only now catching up. Airlines everywhere are setting up 'business improvement groups', and 'transformation' is now an executive level or even a Board function in some airlines. No matter what the title, all this new activity relates to data, and lots of it. Successes to date are few because data on its own is only part of the solution. The secret is understanding the relationship between the information that is created and used throughout the airline, how this information is consolidated, merged and fused with that generated or required by different parts of the organisation then, how this drives process and procedure and finally what technologies are necessary to enable the end-to-end outcomes. This is Closed Loop's reason for being.

Closed Loop assists airlines and suppliers in two key ways to realise the benefits of data-driven transformation.

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“Automate the possible, not the status quo.”

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EFB Image 1_June July issues 2013.jpg

Who we are

Who we are

The executive team

Michael Bryan

Principal & CEO

A full and diverse Aviation Career spanning over 40 years.

Currently in his 32nd year with a major carrier, Michael has been fortunate to gain a broad base of experience in the Airline and General Aviation sectors including training, development, management and corporate operations.


Phil Benedict

Principal, Customer Strategic Planning

Mr. Benedict has over thirty years of management experience in the aviation industry.

He has held leadership positions at Jeppesen, Spirent Systems, Teledyne Controls and Cobham. Phil has developed our Strategic Planning and execution process that extracts the corporate knowledge of an organization to allow individuals at all levels to contribute to the health and vision of the business.

Marcus Carr

Principal, Data Design & Integration. Director of Projects

In his twenty years at Allette Systems, Marcus Carr delivered projects dealing with complex data sets covering civilian and military aviation, legislation, mortgage lending, telecommunications, drug and medical data, case law, technology and almost everything in between.