Transformation Success Starts Here


Transformation Success Starts Here

Our mission is simple:
Closed Loop helps airlines and industry to critically assess and successfully implement operational transformation programs.


From the Boardroom…

Advisors to the Boardroom, Company Officers and Senior Management.


To the Tarmac…

Operational Programs Feasibility, development, implementation and support


And into the Airplane.

Connectivity, EFB, Flight Tracking, Fight Watch and Space Weather

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Closed Loop is a global aviation group centred on mentoring, guiding and facilitating airline management and their people to deliver business-driven and financially sustainable change programs successfully - from the outset - every time.

It is a truism of the aviation industry that it is continually evolving, but the pace of change is now more demanding than ever. Emerging issues affecting the very survival of airlines requires attention, consideration, frameworks and, successful and timely delivery.

Whether your change is departmentally focussed or a longer horizon imperative, Closed Loop can provide support through all levels of the organisation - from the Board to the tarmac and into the airplane operation.

Most airlines are beginning to consider digital transformation and are setting up 'business improvement groups' and ‘Transformation' is now an Executive level or Board function in some airlines. No matter what the title, all this new activity relates to data - and lots of it. Successes to date are few because a focus on data on its own is only part of the answer.

Wherever in the organisation such programs begin, Digital transformation programs are a strategic journey which considers the whole organisation including senior management and the Board. At each stage, the strategy, a clear vision about how available and potential data translates into processes and procedures that generate financial and competitive outcomes is paramount to success. Viewing technology as the enabler, not the driver of digital transformation is also crucial.

Helping airlines to navigate this journey is the essence of Closed Loop.

Closed Loop assists airlines and suppliers in two key ways to realise the benefits of data-driven transformation.